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Florida Weekend Gardener

Saturdays at 1pm on WUFT-TV5
Gainesville, Florida

Hank and Gary usually close the show by telling you to "come by the office" to pick up more information about the show's featured topic. What they don't mention is that the same publications (and a lot more) are available over the Internet — just follow the links below.

Archive of recent shows' topics:

Co-host Gary Brinen is the horticulture extension agent for the Alachua County Cooperative Extension Service (CES). You can find out more about the extension service from these websites:

And you can get more of Gary's advice on lawns and gardening from these sites:

On the show, Gary frequently makes field trips to visit growers who sell directly to consumers.

If you have questions, suggestions for topics, or comments on the show, you may call producer Bob Estes at (352) 392-5551 ext 161, or e-mail him at

If you have pictures of noteworthy gardens, beautiful flowers, or outstanding vegetables you or someone you know has grown, please send them to Florida Weekend Gardener. The address is

Florida Weekend Gardener
G206 Weimer Hall
Gainesville, FL 32611
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