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Blueberry gardener's guide (Florida)
Pruning blueberries (Florida)
Home Garden Blueberries (Georgia)
Fruit and Nut Review: Blueberries (Mississippi)
Establishment and Maintenance of Blueberries (Mississippi)


American Hemerocallis Society
Daylily Discounters
Daylilies Online
Daylily Place
Dutch Bulbs from Van Bourgondien
Friends of the Daylilies
International Bulb Society
Shields Daylily Gardens

Butterfly & hummingbird gardening

Attracting Hummingbirds
Butterfly Flowers
The Butterfly Website
Monarch Watch

Community gardens

Community garden - Ontario
Growing Center
Home Gardening Project Foundation
Kitchen Garden Project
Sister Holly's community garden

Crape myrtles

Crape myrtles in Florida
By Gary Knox, Florida's foremost specialist in crape myrtles.
The versatile crape myrtle
Written by Dr. Bob Black of the UF Environmental Horticulture Department. Nice photos.
Common crape myrtle (Alabama)
Crape myrtle culture (Georgia)
Check out Southern Living's article Crepe Murder for the full story on how NOT to prune 'em.


Published in the Master Gardener Notebook:
Staghorn ferns for Florida
American Fern Society


Timothy Chapman's Aroid and Ginger Homepage
Tom Wood's ginger pages


The bunch grape (Florida)
The muscadine grape (Florida)
Deciduous fruit nursery list
Covers all types of deciduous fruit over the whole state of Florida. Table 10 lists nurseries for grapes.
Fruits & nuts for Alachua County
List of recommended varieties compiled by Gary Brinen
How to make jams & jellies (Georgia)
Home Garden Bunch Grapes (Georgia)
Home Garden Muscadines (Georgia)
Homeowner Grape — Insect and Disease Control (Mississippi)
Fruit and Nut Review: Bunch Grapes and Blackberries (Mississippi)
Fruit and Nut Review: Muscadines (Mississippi)
Grape Culture (Missouri)
Good coverage of grapes for cooler climates
Grape Training Systems (Missouri)
Well-illustrated guide to building trellises and training grapes to grow on them.
American Society for Enology and Viticulture
Yahoo!'s menu of viticulture websites
Yahoo!'s menu of wine & grape organizations

Groundcovers and lawn alternatives

Published in the Florida Master Gardener Notebook:
Conserving Water in the Home Landscape
Coping With Drought in the Landscape
Drought Tolerant Plants for North and Central Florida
Florida Guide to Environmental Landscapes
Ground Covers for Florida Homes
Landscape Design for Water Conservation
Published in Native Florida plants for home landscapes:
Ground Covers
Enviroscaping to Conserve Energy: Ground Covers for North Florida
Growing groundcovers (Alabama)
Groundcovers (Georgia)
Selected groundcovers (Missouri)
Not really southern, but it has photos of many groundcovers that will grow here as well as in colder climates
Xeriscape (Texas)
An alternative to mowing lawns
An In the Garden column by Marina Blomberg in the Gainesville Sun
A publication of Florida's water management districts
Better Homes & Gardens article on groundcovers
Fine Gardening article on xeriscaping
A nice case study from the southwestern U.S.
Xeriscape demonstration garden in Colorado


Henriette's Herbal Homepage

Horticultural therapy

Aggie horticultural therapy pages
Horticultural therapy


Cucurbit production in Florida
Honeydew melons (Florida)
Seedless watermelons (Florida)
Commercial Production of Muskmelon (Cantaloupe) and Related Melons (Alabama)
Commercial Production of Cantaloupes (Mississippi)

Native plants & wildflowers

Native Plants for Florida Landscapes
Native Trees for North Florida
Association of Florida Native Nurseries (AFNN)
Florida Native Plant Society
A couple of Marina Blomberg's columns in the Gainesville Sun:
Florida Wildflowers
Native plants - Central Florida
Native plants of South Florida
NSiS: Florida Native Plants
Wildflowers (Georgia)
California Native Plants
National Wildflower Research Center
US EPA - Landscaping with Native Plants
US EPA - Wild Ones Handbook

Organic gardening

The AVIMall Organic Garden
Reference Guide to Organic Gardening Web Sites
The Vegetable Patch


Palms (Florida)
Contains the chapters
Transplanting Palms (Florida)
Native Florida Palms
A table in the publication Native Florida Plants for Home Landscapes
International Palm Society
Palm Society of South Texas
A chapter of the International Palm Society
Floridata: Palm Index
Palms of the World
Palms Online!
Interesting site based in South Africa
The BG-Map Hardy Palm Page
One man's determination to grow palms in Philadelphia
The Cool Tropics Bookshelf
List of books on palms


Chili peppers: types, culture and use
Published in the Vegetable Gardening Handbook
Datil peppers: types, culture and use
Also published in the Vegetable Gardening Handbook
Pepper production
Examines the botany of peppers, commercial production in Florida, and culture.
The Pepper King
The Firegirl
Mo Hotta Mo Betta — Pepper Profiles


Flowering Perennials for Florida
Perennials In Alabama (Alabama)
Perennial Salvias (Alabama)
Flowering Perennials for Georgia Gardens (Georgia)
From the University of Georgia's famous trial gardens
Perennial Plants '96 (Georgia)
Perennial Plants '97 (Georgia)
Flowering Perennials (Missouri)
Not especially southern, but it has photos of many perennials that will grow here as well as in colder climates
Several good articles from a commercial nursery in Toronto (well, it's southern Canada)
Perennial Primer
Perennials for the Truly Committed
Perennial Plant Association's Plants of the Year
Floridata: Index of Perennials
Not a huge list, but it includes several natives
Art Knapp perennials
Commercial nursery's site - has pictures and growing tips
Atlanta Garden Connection's perennial articles
Heritage Perennials' gardening tips
Perry's Perennial Pages
Perennials: Cultivation and Propagation Articles
A quirky list of articles

Personal gardens

Idiot Proof Garden (Canada)
Karen's Gardening Page (Phoenix)
This site really exemplifies "the spirit of the Web." Please visit and let Karen know you appreciate what she's doing.
Olympic Views: The Miller Garden Page
Strat's Place
Welcome to My Garden

Poisonous plants

Published in the Weed Management Guide:
Poisonous plants, written by David Hall
Plant Smarts - The Police Notebook
From the University of Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. A nice little notebook, more for parents than for law enforcement. Takes a while to download, but worth the wait.
Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System
Very good database. Most of the listed plants are introduced species, so it's applicable to just about all of North America.
Literature useful to the study of poisonous plants
A bibliography from the University of Florida Herbarium
Important poisonous plant sites on the Web
These three sites deal with protecting pets and livestock:
Los Angeles SPCA
California Humane Society
University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine
Hemlock Society USA
For a different perspective on poisonous plants?

Pruning trees & shrubs

Pruning landscape trees and shrubs (Florida)
Pruning Ornamental Plants (Alabama)
Basic Principles of Pruning Woody Plants (Georgia)
Pruning Ornamental Plants in the Landscape (Georgia)
Pruning Landscape Plants (Mississippi)
Pruning Ornamental Shrubs (Missouri)


rec.gardens.roses FAQ

Other Interests

Bonsai Tree Care
Cactus page
Carnivorous plant database
Growing edge - hydroponics
Impatiens pallida
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