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James Edison Notestein
Garden Designer & Horticultural Advisor
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WOULDN'T IT BE GREAT if your yard just took care of itself? With eye-catching foliage and beautiful flowers year-round? And lots of butterflies, hummingbirds and songbirds to signal the changing seasons?

    For three decades, Jim Notestein has been helping people turn yards into gardens. In addition to being a co-founder of the Southern Gardening website, Jim Notestein is widely recognized for his pioneering involvement in organic gardening, low-maintenance landscaping, xeriscaping, and landscaping with native plants.

Blue ginger     Along with a bachelor's degree in architecture and a master's in urban planning from the University of Florida, he draws on a lifetime of creating gardens that are innovative, practical and beautiful. He also maintains his own nursery so he can provide the highest quality native and appropriate non-native plants for his garden design clients.

    For the average homeowner and small business, a professional garden designer can probably meet their needs more fully and much more affordably than either a landscape architect or a landscape designer.

    A professional garden designer

  • helps clients visualize their landscape needs and tastes;
  • makes suggestions about all the landscape design elements;
  • makes drawings and sketches of the proposed changes;
  • develops the plant lists and schedule of work; and
  • can even assist the owner with plants and installation.

    Whatever your gardening and landscaping needs — from concept development to project implementation — you can benefit from Jim Notestein's unique talents and encyclopedic knowledge and experience. You may call him at (352) 372-2107 to discuss your interests and set up an appointment.

Photographs on this page:
top, shell ginger (Alpinia speciosa), with green tree frog; and
bottom, blue ginger (Dichorisandra thyrsiflora).
Services offered

Landscape design
  & installation

Arbors & structures
Beautification projects
Butterfly gardens
Commemorative plantings
Container gardening
Edible landscaping
Fragrance gardens
Labyrinths & mazes
Landscape restoration
Living fences
Low-maintenance landscaping
Organic gardening
Secret gardens
Shade gardens
Site analysis
Specimen plants
Theme gardens
Water gardens

Areas of special expertise
Biological pest control
Heirloom plants
Horticultural therapy
Lawn alternatives
Marketing presentations
Native plants
Ornamental grasses
Plant sculpture
Plant rescue
Rainwater harvesting
Solar air conditioning
Sustainable agriculture
Yard art


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