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Gardening References

On the Internet

Helpful hint for using the search engines below: type in just the first part of the name you're interested in and you'll be more likely to get a match.
For example: you want the botanical name of "forget-me-not." Should you enter it that way (with dashes), or with spaces instead of dashes, or as one word ("forgetmenot")? Answer: none of the above. Just enter "forget". Remember, less is more.

Lycos gardening menu

National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)

National Gardening Association Horticultural Dictionary
More than 15,000 gardening terms. Also good if you know the common name and want the botanical name, or vice versa.

USDA - Extension Services, listed by state

Find your USDA Hardiness Zone
This page contains a large map (>160K) so it may take two or three minutes to load if you're using a modem.

USDA - News & Information
Has links to lots of publications on, for example, home gardening.

USDA - Plants Database

Yahoo! - Recreation - Gardening

Yahoo! - Recreation - Gardening - Regional
This is where Yahoo! lists Southern Gardening

Yahoo! - Companies - Lawn and Garden

Yahoo! - Science - Horticulture

Yahoo! - Science - Floriculture

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